We supply two different types of Nutche filter dryers. The Tilting Nutche filter dryer and the standard (ANFD) Nutche filter dryer

The dryers meet the most stringent safety and quality assurance regulations.
With the Nutche filter dryers you can fulfill multiple process steps with only one machine:

  • Feeding / filtration
  • Drying
  • Plug Valve product discharge
  • Cleaning CIP
  • Sanitization / Sterilization SIP
  • Inerting


  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise adjustable speed rotation
  • Axial movement


Standard Nutche Filter dryer

The Nutche filter dryer are especially designed for the pharmaceutical industry.
It is recommendable for production facilities with limited space and when replacing old filter dryers with a new one. It is perfect for companies seeking a high purity of their product as well as high safety and environment standards.

The following operations can be performed:

The filtration process is driven by pressure difference between the two sides of the filtering sheet.
The smooth movement of the agitator can be maintained, even when it has reached a low liquid percentage.
The filtration process reaches a dryness higher than other standard filters, leaving the final squeezed substance just as dry as that obtained by centrifuges.​​​​​

The product is run through several cycles of re-slurry and filtration. Combined with the agitator movement and the cleaning solvent chosen, it all results in a very efficient cleaning process.

Vacuum drying: 
The machine allows for vacuum-drying with both bottom and side vessel heating as well as blow drying with an inert dry hot gas.
Once the dryness level is attained, the product is automatically discharged through the side valve.


Tilting Nutche Filter dryer

We would like to introduce you to the Tilting Nutche filter dryer. A cutting edge, state of the art machine.

This revolving machine has been specially developed to achieve outstanding performances and to solve successfully most of the intrinsic problems of traditional pressure filter dryers.

  • Virtually discharging the totality of the product
  • 100 % heating surface of the shell allowing for faster and uniform drying
  • Can operate in full vacuum and pressure conditions
  • Mechanical seal
  • Filter septum with sintered filtering grid
  • Jacket heated plate
  • Easy draining and cleaning
  • A wide selection of multi layers sintered plate filter discs are available to suit all process requirements
  • Electrically driven
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Designed for sterile conditions


Our supplier of the nutche filter dryers is OMCA