Mixing of powders or solids can be a demanding challenge. Therefore, it is of high importance to choose the right mixing equipment. A mixing test can be necessary if the product properties are not known.

Nordic Engineering can supply the right mixing machines to your specific product.

The mixer systems can be customized for any process, need and capacity.
They are particularly suitable for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and environmental industries, where mixing of fine chemicals, pigments, fertilizers, metal powders and polymer additives are needed. And for mixing of shear sensitive crystalline powders/crystals. High degree of homogeneity is achieved.

Basic operations included in the mixer systems:

  • Mixing
  • Automation
  • Cleaning in place

The need for a mixer system can be divided into two categories:

Mixing of free-flowing goods:

  • From 100 to 32.000 litre
  • Small wall clearance prevents product residue
  • Close to complete emptying of the vessel
  • Minimum yield rates
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High energy efficiency
  • High vertical mixing
  • High productivity
  • Minimal shearing effect
  • High mixing quality in the shortest possible time
  • Free-overhung drive shaft
  • Suitable for hazardous zones

Mixing of liquid to viscous and pasty products:

  • From 50 to 6.300 litre
  • Free-overhung mixing shaft
  • Virtually complete emptying of the vessel
  • Intensive axial mixing at a low power unit
  • Small wall clearance prevents product residue
  • High productivity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Baffle with temperature sensor