Nordic Engineering designs and supplies tanks in any design, size and material for all industries. Tanks in plastic materials and carbon steel to any kind of alloy stainless steel.
We build tanks on site or at workshops.


Plastic / FRP tanks

Tanks, vessels and reactors 

We supply thermoplastic tanks, glass fibre reinforced polyester tanks and dual laminated tanks. The tanks can be supplied in different design such as vertical, horizontal or rectangular.

The tanks are suitable to resist the widest variety of corrosive fluids.

  • Capacity of 500 to 200.000 L.
  • Pressure up to 6 bar
  • Vacuum up to 750 tor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Materials for thermoplastics: Polypropylene, PVDF, PVC, PFA, E-CTFE
  • Materials for GRP/FRP: Bisphenolic/estervynilic polyester resins

Our supplier of plastic/FRP tanks is Tecnium


Stainless steel or carbon steel tanks

We supply any kind and any design of tanks, and pressure tanks as well as atmospheric tanks. We design according to the required design code such as EN 14015, EN 13445, AD2000 or ASME.

We can assist in the design phase with budgeting and optimization as well as in delivering of a tailored design including installation on site. We can include any kind of additional feature such as platforms, walkways, instruments, valves, pumps, piping etc.

Tanks are designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirement from the given application. The design can be vertical, horizontal or rectangular.

  • Capacity from lab size to 10.000 m3
  • As Storage tanks, Mixing tanks
  • Large onsite build storage tanks.
  • Silos tanks for solids storage
  • With heating or cooling system
  • Thermal or isothermal insulated.
  • Waterproof external insulation jacket of stainless steel or aluminium riveted panels
  • Level of finishing down to 0.2 micron range
  • Materials: Stainless steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant, nickel alloys, noble metals and titanium

Our suppliers are Maivisa and Loterios