Magnetic driven agitators are a vital part of the liquid process for biotech, pharmaceutical and food industries due to their hermetic and aseptic design.

Here is a description of the overall functions and applications of the magnetic driven agitators:

  • Motor power range from 0,37-11 kW
  • Operating pressure vacuum-7 bar
  • Capacity of up to 60,000 litre vessels
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Top or bottom mounted
  • Internally or externally mounted magnetic coupling
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Meets hygienic design standards
  • Meets the highest requirements for sterile design
  • Design optimized for CIP/SIP
  • Long shaft version for Bioreactors
  • Magnetic impeller with “floating bearing system”
  • Non-contacting measurement of the speed of the mixing head is available
Magnetic driven agitator from Zeta

Our main supplier of magnetic agitators is ZETA