We represent the EKATO GROUP within conventional agitators consisting of the companies EKATO RMT and EKATO FLUID

We supply agitators for pressurized and unpressurized vessels and for small volumes up to extreme large volumes.

A large selection of different types of mechanical seals are available depending on the application.

All agitators are designed to ensure minimal maintenance costs and low operational costs.

We also offer a special agitator that prevents leakage by using a hermetic seal between product and environment, especially suitable for mixing of hazardous or explosive products.

Below is a description of the overall functions and applications of the agitators:

Top or bottom mounted agitators

We can supply a wide range of different agitator designs. From small agitators with motor supported shafts till large agitators with gearbox or double bearing supported shafts. Maintenance friendly designs with easy access to shaft sealing by use of a lift and swivelling device.

Please have a look at the pictures below showing some of the different designs.

The different agitators range from:

  • Motor power capacity range from 0,37-3000 kW
  • Shaft diameter range from 25-800 mm
  • Operating pressure: Vacuum-200 bar / Atmospheric-4 bar
  • Optional installation from the top or the bottom of the vessel
EM2000 agitator from EKATO

Mixer system (Coaxial Agitators KOAX)

The mixer system is equipped with two universal impeller systems with independent drive system.
The Coaxial Agitators covers all mixing steps through the production process. Whether it being homogenizing, suspending, dispersing, heat transfer or even grinding of solids, - the opportunities are almost endless.

It is especially suitable for complex mixing processes and in the production of products with extreme viscosities and flow behaviours.

  • Motor power capacity range from 5-250 kW
  • Shaft diameter range from 40-220 mm
  • Operating pressure: Vacuum to 40 bar
  • Two interdependent drives and control units
  • Combination of different impeller-systems
  • Choose between different sealing systems
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible or rigid scrapers
  • Bottom anchor or Z-anchor

Side entry agitators

These agitators are designed for horizontal angled installation in vessels and storage tanks of any size.
The shaft is sealed by a single or double mechanical seal.

  • Motor power range from 0,75-90 kW
  • Shaft diameter range from 40-120 mm
  • Operating pressure Atmospheric to 7 bar
  • Drive versions with different gearbox types (V-belt drive, helical-, bevel gearbox...)
  • Single acting product lubricated mechanical seal.
  • Shut-off device for service of the mechanical seal, or even replace it entirely, without shutting down or emptying the tank.
ES2000 from EKATO

FGD application range

  • Specifically developed for the use in absorbers for flue gas desulfurization, with EKATO Wingjet impeller
  • Single acting product lubricated mechanical seal. This cartridge type mechanical seal is specifically designed for highly abrasive and corrosive media.
  • Increased pumping capacity
  • Wingjets suppressing the tip vortex for reduced impact corrosion, longer operational life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • The impeller is constructed of highly corrosive and abrasive resistant Super Duplex materials.