Many companies postpone the preventive maintenance because production must stop. However, the downtime caused by a breakdown is often more expensive than the planned downtime. Because the preventive maintenance is scheduled, companies can often plan around it and the procedure takes far less time than an emergency repair.
Furthermore, preventive maintenance can reduce the wear and tear of the equipment and prolong its lifespan, resulting in reduced costs and increased profit.

At Chr. Hansen they recognize the importance of preventive maintenance. With a production running 24/7, it is important that preventive maintenance is carried out quickly and effectively so that production can be resumed and operating losses minimized.

Nordic Engineering has carried out preventive maintenance at Chr. Hansen since 2011.

”It is a pleasure to work with Nordic Engineering, who performs preventive maintenance of our EKATO agitators. Agreements are respected, and their Service Engineers are always friendly and flexible.

Nordic Engineering keeps track of our inventory and ensures that the necessary parts are ready for the next shutdown or if an unexpected breakdown should occur. It is very reassuring for us and we can use our resources for other tasks”.

- Henrik Bo Sørensen,
Maintenance Mechanic, Chr. Hansen


Nordic Engineering recommends preventive maintenance to minimize the risk of breakdowns. The frequency of the maintenance depends on the characteristics of the product as well as machine hours, speed, sealing type etc. Nordic Engineering can assist with the planning of preventive maintenance so that all operating parameters are taken into consideration.