Factory manager, Torben Krøyer, gives an insight into the thoughts behind the project:

“We chose to rebuild our production tanks as we had increased demand for our products. Therefore, we started exploring the possibilities of increasing our production capacity based on the existing production plant which consisted of 2 dissolvers in 6 tanks. In addition, our tanks were open which required extra time and costs in relation to cleaning the tanks, and we needed to come up with a solution for this as well.

We presented our suggestions for Nordic Engineering, which we chose based on their great competence and experience in the field. We have received good and competent advice throughout the entire process.”

Torben Krøyer, Factory Manager at Beck & Jørgensen

- Torben Krøyer,
Factory Manager,
Beck & Jørgensen


With extended tank capacity, the existing dissolver mixer could no longer be used for mixing the increased product volume.

The right process and most energy-efficient solution was an EKATO agitator with the advanced hydrofoil propeller type Viscoprop. This design ensured optimum mixing by minimal energy consumption. Consequently, the solution was an energy saving for the customer.

Nordic Engineering performed the full Engineering of increasing the tank capacity including the design, calculation and implementation of new tank tops and agitators. The capacity of the existing open tanks was increased via extension of existing shells by 700 mm in height and on this a dished top head. With this new design the tanks were simultaneously closed and thus more hygienic. The tank tops were designed and calculated to withstand the stress of the new EKATO agitators.

Rebuild of tank increased capacity and output

“Today the dissolvers are stationary, and 4 tanks have now been rebuilt to closed mixing tanks. We have increased our batch sizes from 3,000 liters to 4,500 liters and can produce and adjust on all 6 tanks simultaneously. In addition, we have raised hygiene level and have attached all pumpable raw materials at the top of the tanks. We expect to be able to increase output by 50% on the production line.”

- Torben Krøyer,
Factory Manager at Beck & Jørgensen

A request for production optimization does not necessarily mean complete replacement of all existing process equipment. Often, optimization with adjustment of individual parameters such as more efficient mixing and rebuilt of existing tanks can make a big difference in production capacity.