Posted by admin  |  November 17, 2017

EKATO Seminar

Can you explain Particle Settling Velocity using cars?
The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

EKATO made the Process Engineering Days exciting as well as both relevant and educational by using a mix of creative thinking, graphics, fascinating videos and in-depth equations.

The presenters were clearly passionate about their topic and shared experiences from former projects. A great opportunity to ask these experts for advice and sparring.

We are looking forward to many more seminars in collaboration with EKATO.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the three seminars:

  • Advanced Mixing Technology in Stockholm
  • Fermentation & Hydrogenation in Glostrup
  • Crystallization & High Viscous Applications in Glostrup

We hope that you all had a good time and that we will see you again at future seminars.

If you don’t already receive invitations for these seminars, please send an email to sl(at)