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The first XXL magnetic agitator

The new ZETA magnetic agitator BMRF XXL with a drive torque of more than 400 Nm is developed especially for use in bioreactors. This agitator can be used in bioreactors with a volume of up to 30,000 L, leaving it perfect for the biotech industry and their cell cultures.

BMRF XXL Fermenter from ZETA

ZETA teamed up with Boehringer Ingelheim and the Institute of Multiphase Flows at Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology to make this project come true. Over a period of four months, they tested the prototype extensively in a 15,000 L fermenter. The result of the test was excellent:

  • Magnetic drive with sublime power coupling
  • Long shaft free from problematic oscillations
  • Exclusion of microbiological contamination risks
  • Optimized rotor blades (geometry and arrangement)
  • Mixing pattern reproducible for different vessel sizes
  • Meets hygienic design standards and is sterilisable
  • Cost-efficient due to lower operating costs and easy maintenance
  • Easy conversion from shaft-driven agitators to magnetic drive forms

This video from ZETA shows the incredible work behind the XXL Bioreactor:

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The world of magnetic driven agitators

Every pharmaceutical, food and beverage company should be accustomed with this type of agitator that meets the highest standards of sterile design & reliability.

If your company already has a conventional agitator where the shaft is penetrating the tank, you are probably familiar with the risk of leaks and microbiological contamination as well as the continuing maintenance/change of the mechanical seal.
With the ZETA magnetic agitator you eliminate these risks due to its absolute hermetic separation of the interior of the tank from the outside. At the same time the cleanability of this type of agitator makes it especially suitable for sterile processes.

XXL magnetic agitator from ZETA

Why is it the best choice for your company?

If you’re working in the pharmaceutical or food/beverage industry the ZETA magnetic agitator is the right choice for you:

  • Perfect for sensitive sterile processes
  • Easy cleaning (CIP) and sterilization (SIP)
  • Compact design
  • Minimal maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Dry-running capability
  • Low operating costs

If you also see the advantages of the magnetic driven agitators but already have a shaft-driven agitator don’t be discouraged, it is easy to convert to magnetic drive forms.

Top- and bottom-mounted agitators

ZETA offer both top- and bottom-mounted agitators. With the open design of the magnetic coupling you get exceptional stability and particle generation below detectable levels. Its rapid breakdown of temperature and concentration gradients ensures good heating and cooling which makes it perfect for mixing of solid powders into liquids. You are ensured that the formulation of the product is achieved throughout the whole volume and that the homogeneity is maintained through emptying.

Magnetic coupling ©ZETA

Largest range of motor power on the market

With motor power of up to 0,75 and tank sizes up to 4000 litres, depending on the mixing task, the top mounted AMRi and AMRe are typically used for smaller bioreactors or sterile tanks.

The bottom mounted BMRT with dry-running capabilities allow the agitator to keep running while the vessel is being emptied, continuing stirring down to the last drop.
The BMRT can be used in vessels up to 50,000 L and with motor power up to 11 kW.

ZETA offer standard range of magnetic driven agitators as well as customized versions. Everything can be suited for your production process.

Nordic Engineering

At Nordic Engineering we can help with diagnostics, optimization of existing installations, calculations, mechanical design, mounting, installation and much more. Give us a call and we can introduce you further to the ZETA magnetic agitators and to what we can do for you and your company.

XXL magnetic agitator from ©ZETA
BMRF XXL Fermenter from ZETA