Posted by admin  |  December 3, 2018

Self-cleaning sight glass

Nordic Engineering can offer the new RINA RSG self-cleaning sight glass from Riera Nadeu.

The sight glass was developed for centrifuges but can be mounted on other equipment that requires internal visual observation.

Conventional sight glasses soon become dirty and do not allow a clear vision into the process area. The RINA RSG is a dynamic sight glass that remains clean during the whole process, allowing a clear and continuous view of the interior of the equipment, expelling splashes and dirt that hinder vision.

The RSG uses centrifugal force to maintain itself clean and dry, assuring clear visibility at any time. It is composed of a static frame where the pneumatic motor is assembled, a fixed sight glass and a rotating sight glass.

On the frame there is a nitrogen (or clean air) flushing line connected to the interior of the sight glass (the space between the static and the rotating glass). This flow is used for blanketing as well as to ensure positive pressure in the interior, avoiding fog or vaporized solvents coming in.

Continuous rotation of the dynamic glass at high speed (1800rpm) prevents drops or moisture sticking and drying on the surface of the glass.

There are no rotating parts causing friction. Due to the pneumatic motor, the air expansion cools down the system ensuring no temperature rise caused by the RSG.

Riera Nadeu Sight glass

Nordic Engineering is exclusive agent of Riera Nadeu in the Nordic countries.
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