Posted by admin  |  January 15, 2019

New Riera Nadeu pilot plant

Riera Nadeu has expanded their facilities at the headquarter in Granollers, Spain.

Adding a new lab, pilot scale testing machines as well as facilities that allow the proper scale-up of separation, drying and/or micronization processes. Their tests include measurement of psd (particle size distribution) for dry solids and suspensions, humidity, conductivity, ph and turbidity.

New Rina Jet Turbo flash dryer

With the Rina Jet 403 pilot plant a modular concept has been developed to quickly and flexibly simulate the exact conditions of a tailor-made large-scale plant. The evaporation capacity of this compact pilot plant is max. 40 kg/h, which means the system can dry between 8 and 45 kg of product. Normally, for industrial applications the requested capacities are 10 to 1000 times larger. As with all Rina Turbo flash dryers, liquids, slurries or wet solids can be processed. The test facility is electrically heated, which limits working with higher temperatures (max 320ºC). If a higher temperature level is required for testing purposes, the Rina Jet 1008 with gas combustion is still available at the Granollers (Barcelona) plant.


The Rina Jet Turbo flash dryer is nominated for ’Product of the month’ by the German magazine Prozesstechnik. You can vote for the Rina Jet Turbo by clicking the button below which will take you to the vote on 

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