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Dryers from one of the world’s leading manufacturers

In most processes the type of equipment is determined by the material passing through it. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what will be the best fit for your production? At Nordic Engineering we want to make it easier for you. If you aren’t already familiar with the EKATO dryers or you just wish to get an overview, then read this short introduction to the EKATO dryers.

In various productions, the mechanical separation of solids by decanter, filter press or centrifuge is often followed by a thermal drying step. EKATO has developed two different vacuum dryers for this process. These dryers are particularly suitable for the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.


Depending on the material, there are two types of impellers that can be used. One specialized for mixing of pasty and poorly flowing substances, the other for drying free-flowing bulk materials.

For both apply that they have homogeneous temperature distribution and heat transfer in the loose bulk. Furthermore, they are optimized for maximum discharge during emptying due to the conical bottom.

To meet the customer specific needs, various system components can be added to the dryers:

  • Heatable agitator shaft
  • Filter for separating the exhaust vapors
  • Sampling ports
  • Temperature measurement
  • CIP systems
  • ATEX versions from Zone 0 to Zone 2

The Solidmix VPT series is specialized for the pharmaceutical industry. It is equipped with a baffle that prevent co-rotation of the product and ensures homogenous mixing, even with critical flow characteristics. This makes it excellent for intensive mixing of pastry and poorly flowing substances.
As an extra feature, it is possible to take samples without interrupting the process. A chopper can also be integrated for breaking up agglomerates. This results in shorter drying time because of the increased surface of the particles.

If the product is free-flowing and bulk goods, then the VST series is particularly suited for the drying process.

For both types of dryers, no bearings are in contact with the product due to the free-overhung shaft, making it perfect for processing fine chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products.


Solids-paravisc and Isopas impellers from EKATO for dryers

There are two impellers designed especially for the dryers.
These impellers ensure:

  • Optimized heat exchange
  • Gentle mixing at minimal shearing
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Low maintenance


EKATO Solidmix video

At Nordic Engineering we can help you with the drying process. We have 15 years of experience with EKATO dryers and are always ready by the phones to answer any questions you might have or to assist with the design and engineering of your next project.

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